So long summer
I will be heading home soon, and I can't say I'm not excited to see Pete again. This break was excellent, quiet times spent, enjoyable stories exchanged, and warmth all around.

I've also been stone sober for a week too.

It was hard at first, and still is, my clenched jaw and grinding teeth an indicator of internalized stress. Still, perhaps a break from the greenery was warrented.

I daresay I wont be volunteering for a drought again anytime soon. My nerves are shot, and I can't stop sweating, a terrible thing when you live in layers. I scraped dino clean, and smoked the tiniest ball of resin a few days ago, but even that was temporary, just a moment of fuzz.

Now that this last vacation has been had, I feel prepared to go to work, hard as I do in the fall. Everyone leaves for school, and now more than ever I see the value in a dollar.

Right now I am supposed to be sleeping, but I took a power nap earlier after eating too much. I try to relax and feel the weight of sleep, but it is to no avail. Crunch crunch go my teeth, and I toss and turn with rapid thoughts.

Things are going to have to change soon, around me. Even I, reluctant to change, go along with the motion of the ocean. I fear for Jesus, and his sloth. He lays around unmotivated, and when Lisa asks me for answers I have none to give. I debate trying to find him work with me, but something under his breath earlier gives me doubts.
Even I can rise before the sun if the dollar signs are there.

I have more on my mind, but now is not the time.

Tails of the FireFox
The last tail of the Firefox.Collapse )


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